Using the touchpad

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Your Wave® radio has a touch-sensitive control integrated into the top of the system. Momentarily placing your hand on this touch pad can turn your system on or off, snooze a sounding alarm, or reset the snoozed alarm for the next day.

Turning the radio on and off

To turn the system on, place your hand on the touch pad (located on the front center portion of the top of the system). The last source you were listening to will be playing; touching the touch pad will turn it off.

Using the snooze alarm

Touch the touch pad to snooze a sounding alarm

"SNOOZE" is displayed for the duration of the selected snooze time, and then the alarm sounds again

The snooze time is set at the factory to 10 minutes. To change the snooze time to 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 minutes, see Adjusting the snooze time

To reset a snoozed alarm for the next day, place your hand on the touch pad—after the alarm has been snoozed—and hold it there for at least 2 seconds

Turning the touch pad on or off

If you prefer not to use the touch pad, you can turn it off. To disable the touch pad, follow these steps:

on the remote, press and hold alarm setup until "-setup menu-" is displayed

Alarm Setup

press tune/playlist > seven times until "touch pad-" is displayed

Tune/Playlist >

press time - or time + to select "off" or "on." the setup menu will automatically exit after 10 seconds

Time -

Time +

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