Setting the video resolution

This feature allows the user to either use the internal video scaler or simply pass an incoming signal to the TV without converting it.

This feature is only available when the media center is connected to the TV with an HDMI® cable. If there is an HDMI cable connecting the media center to the TV, set the DVD Image option to "Modified" (in the System menu) by following these steps:

Make sure the TV is on with the correct input selected.

on the remote, press the system button.

press the right arrow to highlight the "video" icon.

press the down arrow until "dvd image" is highlighted.

press the right arrow to select the current option.

Press the Up arrow or Down arrow to change to the desired setting:

  • Original: Prohibits any change to the DVD video resolution. When selected, "Video Resolution" may still be visible in the Settings menu, but cannot be changed
  • Modified: Allows the user to select the DVD video resolution sent to the TV from the media center via HDMI

press exit to leave the system menu.

In the Settings menu, change the video resolution by following these steps:

Select DVD as the source.

on the remote, press settings. if the settings menu is not seen, view the media center display to change the setting.

press the down arrow until "video resolution" is highlighted or "video res" appears on the media center display.

press the right arrow to highlight the current setting.

press the up arrow or down arrow to select the appropriate setting:

  • 480/576i (lowest quality)
  • 480/576p
  • 720p
  • 1080i
  • 1080p (highest quality)

note: some resolution options may not be available. the system sets the available and default video resolutions automatically based on information from the tv (edid).

press exit to leave the settings menu.

note: setting video resolution to "original" does not eliminate the hdcp "handshake."

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