Setting SD Progressive Scan video

Progressive scan is a video format that displays all lines of the picture frame in a single pass, and refreshes the image 60 times a second. This format is not compatible with all video displays.

SD progressive scan is only available when the system uses a VS-2 video enhancer connected to the TV with component cables. If there is no VS-2 video enhancer connected to the system, see Activating Progressive Scan video. If a VS-2 video enhancer is connected with component cables, follow these steps:

Be sure the TV is on with the correct input selected

on the remote, press settings

press the down arrow until "sd progressive scan" is highlighted

press the right arrow to highlight the setting

press the up arrow or down arrow to select the appropriate setting:

Off: Sends interlaced video (480i or 576i) to the TV

On: Sends progressive video (480p or 576p) to the TV

press exit to save the setting and leave the menu

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